base2Services and Wisenet invite you to our next ‘Steps to Scale’ live webinar.

Learn from industry experts as they discuss when to use Containers and when to go Serverless, and what it means from a business perspective to migrate to either architecture.

Hear from Arthur Marinis, Managing Director - base2Services, and Alister Smith, Business Innovation Manager - Wisenet, a SaaS Education Management solution that has recently implemented Microservices and Serverless. Both will share their knowledge, experience and tips about:

    • What Containerisation and Serverless have in common and how they differ
    • The true Pros and Cons of each
    • What business decisions need to be made and when
    • What team changes where required
    • Benefits of having a business strategy around that technical decision
This webinar is non-technical and gives business decision makers the opportunity to understand the implications and use cases of certain types of cloud architecture for their business. The event is essential for anyone responsible for managing costs and delivery in a modern software world.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to hear from industry experts and have your questions answered.

Reserve your spot now. 



Untitled-2Alister Smith, Business Innovation Manager - Wisenet
Alister is the Business Innovation Manager at Wisenet responsible for product management and design. Wisenet is a SaaS Education Management solution for vocational education providers in APAC and beyond, and is a division of Adapt IT. Seeking to solve problems through research, technology and innovation, Alister was at the forefront of Wisenet’s implementation of a Serverless infrastructure.


Untitled-2aArthur Marinis, Managing Director - base2Services
Arthur has spent the last 21 years establishing businesses from ideas. As co-founder of base2Services he led the company to being the first in Australia to launch a managed AWS offering in 2006. Today, and many cloud implementations later, he is pushing the boundaries on how companies approach and manage IT in a cloud environment.