10 steps you need to follow to ensure a flawless migration to the latest version of .NET on AWS

Learn how you can modernize your custom .NET application with containers, improve your deployment strategy and reduce costs.

This report discusses the benefits of migrating custom-built applications to the latest .NET version on AWS and how it can be accomplished by implementing a better CI/CD process, leveraging the open-source frameworks and tooling available through Linux containers and cloud-native architecture.

By downloading this Report you will learn:

  • 1

    Is It Time to Migrate to the Lastest Version of .NET?

  • 2

    10 Steps of Migrating to the Latest Version of .NET

  • 3

    What is a Deployment First Strategy and Why Use it?

  • 4

    Benefits of Linux and Containerization

  • 5

    Why is a Cloud-Native Architecture Important?


Learn how the key focus should be on taking your company from a monolith environment to a lower-cost, Microservices-based containerized cloud environment as effortlessly as possible. So you can achieve scalability, improved developer throughput and considerable cost-savings.